Undead dragon

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The Undead Dragon (Level 80) is an aggressive mob located under the Boneyard. In order to find this monster, use the Flaming Stag Key on the door to the North of Flaming Stags.

Once through, walk to the end of the hall and fall through the floor to enter the room full of Spiders. Use the Spider Key to enter the gate above.

Head West after the gate and into a hidden room, then go into the portal. Once inside, search for the Red M. Key found in the blood stained floor North-West of this room.

Use this key to enter through a gate to the East of the room to discover the Undead Dragons.

Image Drop Amount Odds
135.png Dead Dragon Egg 1 1/100
1.png Green M. Key 1 1/50
336.png Dragon Bolt 30 1/10
Dragon Crossbow 1 1/1000
(T3) Crate 1 1/(?)
Empty Chest 2 1 1/(?)