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Quest Steps

  1. Blena is a Town West (left) of Aracia, also the Goblin village where this quest starts is South (down) of Blena.
  2. To start the quest talk to the Lonely Goblin, who can be found East of the village.
  3. Take the note to Blena and go down the ladder in the house at the top right corner of the town.
  4. Talk to the Duke of Blena and he will tell you to get 15 Cow Hides.
  5. Once you the Cow Hides, the Duke will give you the Goblin Leader's Ring.
  6. Take this ring back to the Lonely Goblin to complete the quest.

Turn in items:

15 Cow Hides

Goblin Leader's Ring (Given by Duke of Blena)


2000 Endurance Exp

1500 Coins