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Quest Steps

To begin the quest, find the Duke of Aracia located near the training dummies. This is pretty close to the location you enter as you complete the Tutorial.

Ask the Duke of Aracia "What's an Orake?". He'll then ask if you would be able to kill the Bablo Giant (Boss.) Once you finish the dialog, the Quest will initiate.

Now you must head to Bablo Cave, which is south from Aracia. Take the first right across the first bridge, then continue South until you see a large rock structure (Bablo Cave): enter through the front.

Search the Bablo Cave until you come across a red handled lever (South-West of cave.) Flick the lever on, then search the cave until you find the portal (North-East of cave.)

You'll find a room full of Rock Monsters (Lv 15.) These are the only monsters in the cave that will drop a Bablo Key. Once you get the key, open the right door located towards the north of the room. This is where the Bablo Giant (boss) spawns. Defeat the Giant to receive Bablo Hide.

Once you defeat the Bablo Giant, return to the Duke of Aracia to complete the Quest!

Turn in items:

Bablo Hide


1,000 gold

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