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Stage 1/4 of the Morlox Demolisher

Morlox Demolisher is a 4 phase boss fight, in order to defeat this beast you will likely need allies.

Phases (1-4)

1) In the initial phase (1/4), Morlox is colored red and can only be damaged by melee weapons.

2) In the second phase (2/4), The Demolisher is colored green and can only be harmed by ranged weapons.

3) In the third phase (3/4), Morlox is colored blue and can only be hurt by Magic Spells and Staves.

4) In the fourth (4/4) and final stage of this battle, Morlox has been weakened and can take damage from any type of weapon.

Good luck to those whom venture to face this terrifying monster.

Drop Amount Odds
Magic Rocks 37 1/2
Dragon Bolt 50 1/3.3
Lockpick 1 1/10
Magic Cape 1 1/10
Morlox Orb 1 1/50
Dragon Crossbow 1 1/500
Ice Sword 1 1/500
Fire Sword 1 1/500
Off-Hand Fire Sword 1 1/500
Off-Hand Ice Sword 1 1/500