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Icedom Dragon can only be damaged by melee attacks, if you attack it with archery or sorcery it will regenerate its health rapidly. Watch out for its minions, they will try to trap you against the walls (the minion can be damaged by range and magic). To access the Icedom Dragon you need the Icedom Key which is dropped from the Frozen Giant.

Drop Quantity Chance
Frozen Arrows 30 1/2
Squid 10 (noted) 1/3.3
Soul Stone 1 1/10
(T3) Crate 1 1/16.7
Frozen Spear 1 1/167
Iceland Teleport 1 1/200
Ice Cape 1 1/333
Ice Claws 1 1/333
Ice Shield 1 1/333
Frozen Bow 1 1/500