About Bloca Town

To get to Bloca Town you must pass through Bloca Town West and exit through the North Eastern part. To get to Bloca Town West you have to speak to the ice witch located on the docks in the Land of Ice once you've achieved the required level of 40. Similar to Bloca West, Bloca Town is slightly more welcoming. This area contains many types of dragons.


Name Location Image
Dragon Master Travels about the entire map of Bloca Town


Name Level Image
Bloca Guard 80
Green Dragon 90
Albo Dragon 90
Undead Fire Dragon 90

Tips about Bloca Town

You can gather Bulb Berry here. Quest giver Dragon Master is located here. There is a bank in Bloca Town and a forge. Rola Mining Area contains many high level ores, complete the Dragon Master's quest to gain access.

Connected Maps

South East - Rola Mining Area

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