Aracia is the spawn location of all new players that has a variety of friendly NPC's.



Connected Maps

North - Boneyard (S)

South - Bobo Port

Halloween Event - The Maze


Name Location Image
Duke of Aracia South-West
Duke Of Aracia
Halloween Event Random
Halloween Event
Archery Trainer South-East
Archery Trainer-0
Witch Near Anvil
Guild Master House north of the Chest
Guild Master
Blacksmith Knight North-West second house
Blacksmith Knight
Mark North-West first house

NPC Info

Mark - Who sells skill tools and runs the player Market

Blacksmith Knight - Who sells a variety of gear for Attack users

Witch - Who sells potions, spells, magic gear and pets. She has some quests available.

Duke of Aracia - Who can give you a variety of quests.

Archery Trainer - Who sells ranged gear and can supply free bronze arrows.

Guild Master -

Halloween Event -

2017 Atnas Christmas Event


Name Level Numbers Image
Aracian Knight 13 3
Blacksmith Knight
Training Dummy 5 4
Training Dummy
Archery Target 5 3
Archery Target

Orake Redragon (talk)

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